Been in a funk.

I’ve been creating all my stuff to start my writing career, and it’s just put me in a funny place.

Being a writer is a cutthroat job. There about a million … Okay maybe not a million, but sure feels like it; other people looking for the same thing as me.

It’s hard trying to get recognition. Yes, I know I should pray and I have been. A lot. But ya know this self-deprecating mind of mine needs something to do.

So here I am in a funk.

I already got my writing site up, I tried buying my domain name – but I have a common name. In fact I know the blogger who stole my dot com name.

Stinking chick. I mean, she’s cool and all; theres no competition between us at all actually. She’s a social media guru, I’m just a measely (but extremely awesome) writer.

I’m gonna start my other blog back up again. While I’ve rocked the blog entries on here, the other one is what I’m known for. I’ll blog there as frequently as I did…do here.

I’m still gonna blog here. I need a spot to talk & just be. Then again maybe not. I don’t know.

If you are gonna miss me too much – which I would find a little creepy, not gonna lie – email me will send you the link to my other blog.

Maybe. If my paranoia lets me.

Yeah, now that I think about it…I’m gonna keep this blog open. I need a place where I can be crazy…