I hate this.

I’m sitting here and my mind is racing.

Racing to do something.

Something awesome.

I wanna be cool.

I wanna be a famous writer – ya, I know. Who doesn’t. But I want to be famous like Paul is. I want to help people. I want people to hear my name and be like…wow. I wanna be like her OR We need to talk to her and get her advice.

Or something.

I know thats part of what I’m going through. Why can’t I get a single thought down on paper?!


There are kids outside making weird noises really freaking me out. Setting off my anxiety, more so my paranoia. I just wanna run outside and scream: ARGH! GET OFF MY LAWN.

Thing that would scare them the most is the way I look. Rollers in my hair, no pants, barefoot.

That’ll teach them to come near my house.

stinkin a. what the crap was I talking about?

Oh yeah.

I’m itchin’ to do something awesome. I wanna make a change.

I feel like I ain’t doing anything and that pisses me off.

I need to do something.

Something that will wow the socks off of people. No. Not wow the socks off….bless the socks off of people.