Just got a call from my ob/gyn. The doctor who’s removing my catchers mitt? Yeah, he’s no longer my best friend.

Told me they have to push back my surgery for 20 more days.

But here’s the best part – he’ll refill the prescription of percocet for me.

Thanks doc. But I’d prefer the surgery.


I know he was trying to help and felt bad – but this is the only option.

Too long of a story to go into, but basically? It’s none of yo danged business why it’s the only option.

So of course, I’m back in a funk. I think I never left actually.

Oh wait. It gets better.

My inlaws are coming back this weekend for another visit. But don’t worry y’all. I’m gonna love them like Jesus.

I’m gonna kill them with kindness. If that doesn’t work…maybe I’ll just kill em.

I mean with humor y’all.

Yeah. That’s right. Ahem.

God help me.