So pardon me here…but I really hafta ask a question.

I was brought up in a strict Christian household.

So I was not a slut. My husband? Is the only man I have ever had sex with. And just in case you were wondering? Yes. I am calling the majority of you….sluts.

Get over it. If you dont like it….get off my blog. Seriously. My place.

Anyways, the thing I dont understand? From what I see on TV/hear about in….wherever (sue me. I’m nosy, I like to listen to other peoples conversations. True story), single people after they have sex? Stay nekkid in bed. They hang out with each other in bed. What I want to know – is this a real thing? Are y’all really that sad? If so why? Is it because y’all have multiple partners and feel this is the only way to get a man to open up?

Dude! That is not to get to know a man! If you do that? Then you really are a slut! Come on now! Get out of the bed! Get to know the man with your clothes on! Have some dignity for yourself! Keep yo legs closed! Don’t be no ho!

You are a million times better than that! Don’t sell yourself short. If the man is right for you, he’ll wait.

And, I know you are dying to know – maybe this is because I’ve popped out two kids but after we’ve done the deed? My husband and I get dressed, go downstairs and watch TV. And I eat some ice cream.

No they are not related. I just love ice cream. Yumm….I think I’m gonna have some now.

Or maybe…if we are downstairs…get dressed and watch TV.

Sorry to those who have visited our house. But I’m not really sorry – cause sex downstairs is awesome. Feels so naughty.

I like naughty.

Okay. Now what was I talking about?

Seriously. Think better of yourself. You are worth it. Stop being that doormat for men.