Just a warning, this post may get a little TMI. Too bad if you dont like it. First? I warned ya. Second? My blog.



A coupla days ago, I think it was monday. Though now that I think about it? Days dont really matter – but now you know and I’m just gonna roll with it. So moving on…..

Monday. No. Wait. Sunday. I noticed that I was drinking a good amount of water…but I wasn’t peeing as much. Like I didn’t even have much of a sensation to go.

I thought hmm…maybe a sign of UTI. and thought to keep an eye on it and maybe call the doctor for an appointment. Then went on with my life.

Then Monday morning came. I started feeling a lot of pressure. I had tried drinking a lot but nothing was coming out. Okay, I was peeing, but not like I should for the amount I was drinking. Freaking out I called the doctor and they squeezed me in. And of course right after I got off the phone? I started peeing like normal.

I get to the doctors – even after contemplating cancelling and told them all my symptoms. Pressure, slight pain, but no pain when I pee. They took the sample. No signs of UTI. But they said they were gonna send it out to be cultured and call me with the results thursday.

Hmm…guess me saying the days does work out. She gave me some antibiotic and said if my symptoms got worse before she called me just to start taking them. Yeah. Such an awesome doctor I have. Just throwing drugs at me.

No. I will not give out her name.

I left the appointment a little freaked out. I had read on WebMD right before the appointment that my symptoms could be cancer related. Yup. At this point of the day? I was swearing I was dying.

Anyhow, my husband and I got freaky with it that night. And right as I hit my yahoo moment (so much classier to say than org*sm. Doncha think?)? I felt a baby move. Like a distinct kick, bounce, swirl that the last time I felt this? Was when I yahoo’ed pregnant with the girl.

I was so spooked out I screamed out. Thank God it was before hubby was inside. it was during playtime. But still…little bit of a mood killer.

So the next day?

I kept that thought in the back of my head. I went on about my  day and asked some friends their thoughts. They came up with some interesting thoughts. Mostly related to UTI’s being the factor.

Tuesday night? I was cleaning up and I started feeling pain in my lower back. Like right above my crack. And I was feeling pain in the front at the same time too. It was a familiar pain.

The last time I felt this pain? I was 7-8 months pregnant with the girl. I would get that pain when I was standing too long. But I will say, I never got the pain in the back.

The back pain is different.

The only was to relieve the pain was to lay down. My husband – completely freaked out. Looked at me like I was dying. Yup. I thought it again.

I’m dying of Ovarian cancer.

Then Wednesday, I woke up. Got the kids and started to head downstairs. I almost could not walk. I was in so much pain. It is mostly on the right hand side. I felt pressure and pain…but more pain on Weds. I tried calling that doctor back. The nurse was like: “okay…hmm…lets see when we can fit you in.”

Ummm….how about bite me suhckah? I aint gonna wait for you.

I told her I was gonna call my OB/GYN. Which I did. I saw him and what does he say? Its one of either 3 things: Internal bleeding (not likely), ectopic pregnancy (he says not likely, just cause they are rare), or some sort of Gas issue (most likely…apparently). Yeah. Don’t get why gas is most likely either.

So he gave me a blood pregnancy test and I go for a sonogram on friday.

Plus side? When he gave me a pelvic exam, he couldn’t feel anything hard. I don’t know why that’s a plus – but I’m taking it as one.

Negative side? Now when I stand? I start to feel a dull pain in my back and my whoo-ha. So I can’t sit too long or stand.

Is it friday yet?


Just got the call – it’s not a UTI. Alrighty then…rubbing hands come on friday.