You know sometimes mania can be awesome.

You can bake, you clean more, you’re sillier cause you can, you feel your sexiness at its peak (or something that makes sense). Basically you want to be happy.

You feel almost free.


Then you have days like today. When you read the same sentence 3 times and still have no idea what it means, when the tv is too loud, when your child saying “tvland” too loud, when your daughter touching you…those days makes you want to scream. No.


When its all just too much. It makes you want to….gah! I don’t even freaking know.

Mania sucks when your life is just too much. When your heart beats too fast in your ear drums. When your husband touching your leg makes you jump.

When you can’t even write a post that makes any freaking sense….

Okay Lord, I’m done being crazy. Can we just go back to normal me? Please?