I swear.

Living with a two year old boy? Is very…interesting.

When I gave birth to him, I consulted some very ill informed doctors (translation: idiots wearing white coats who get paid waaay too much), and went undiagnosed with postpartum depression.

As a result?

My son is a
Okay…….enough with the gooshiness and proud momma crap and paranoia crap. little behind on learning some things – not a lot. Yes. I blame that. PPD is evil. On most things though? He scares me at how much he knows.

Heres the comedian part.

So we were (ha. We. Like my husband helps get him ready). I was getting the boy ready when we had this interesting conversation:

The boy: (points to my double chin) Chin

Me: Kinda sweetie, but not really. We just ignore that area of mommys face. Its actually a non-area if you think about it kid. This is actually my chin.

The boy: Hmph. (points to my double chin) Mouth.