Todays a day where I wish I wasn’t a mom. I hate the constant grasping and whining and need for attention. The boy is hitting the terrible twos/threes hard and the girl is teething badly.

Insert a collective gasp here. I know. I’m horrible. But wait, let me clarify. I said nothing about my kids. I just don’t want the responsibility.

I know. Still not better.

I hate when I get like this. When all I want to do is eat my peanut butter ice cream and watch doctor who.

So what do we do all day? Hang out and watch sesame street or Mickey. I am so screwing up my kids development. I know this.

I try and fight through the funk. I push for us to go out. Even if its just for a drive. Its just that today? Its rainy.

Rain is a huge trigger for me. Apparently I’m afraid we’ll die. Cause that’s what happens when it rains…I hate when I don’t make sense.

Here’s to the rain passing quickly and the girls teeth coming in quickly.

Until then? Mickey mouse it is.