So I’m in limbo right now.

What does that mean? It’s the second day of my period and I fell down the stairs yesterday. My body is all types of achy.

But I wanted to tell you what happened on Sunday.

We were at church. I was in a manic phase and had a huge cup of coffee. Such a bad mistake. But I needed it, I fell asleep at 2 am the night before.

So anyways, I was with the kids in nursery for most of the service. They were not having me leaving. But? I got a chance to slip away.

So I ran with it. Not literally, cause this chick don’t run. At all. Well, unless my kids are….psshh. You get my drift.

So, I go and sit next to my husband and that’s when it hits. My crazy is not just knocking on the door to my brain – it’s banging the door. Shaking it on it’s hinges.

I start praying like crazy. I start fidgeting, looking around the room like a 5 year old with too much sugar. My husband noticing me trying to get control, starts making jokes.

I feel the crazy start to leave. My body starts to relax. Then? I notice I have a small wedgie. So what do I do?

Stand right up in my seat. While service is still going. I quickly sat down & the husband gives me the “what the crap is wrong with you” look.

Me: uh, why did I just do that?
Husband: it’s your body, hun.

I sat back in my chair, looked up at the teacher and then leaned forward to my husband.

Me: I think it might be best if I went back into nursery.
Husband: yeah, I think that would be a good idea.

We both laughed..well really giggled cause service was still going…and I left.

You know what? Sometimes? You just gotta laugh.

I mean, where was I going? Did I think service was over? Did I think people wanted to see me pick my butt?

Ha! Apparently.

Hey, this crazy ain’t gonna get me down. This is a funny story.