When I get sucked into the evil whole known as insomnia?

I try my darnedest to get to sleep naturally.

I turn off the tv, I turn off all the lights, I shut off my phone, I lay in bed, I turn the clock from my line of sight, I close my eyes and I just pray: “God, please God just let me fall asleep.”

Sometimes? It works. I don’t know how long it takes, but I end up falling asleep.

Other times?

I end up writing posts about farts or writing notes for my book – that I end up throwing out in the morning. Of course cause they make no sense whatsoever.

But it never fails, each and every single time I wonder: why do I hafta answer everytime she (cause insomnia is a she. Women are just so much more conniving. It’s true cause I say it and I’m a woman) calls?!