When I was younger, one thing my dad would love to do with us was, storm watch.

We had a huge porch, so on a day that had a huge thunderstorm; he would open up the windows and we would just sit on the couch and watch the storm roar.

To this day? I love the smell of rain. I find thunderstorms absolutely beautiful.

Now, if I’m in a depressive state – that’s a totally different story.

Anyhow, last night we had a nasty thunderstorm pass through here before we put the kids to bed. The boy loves watching outside when it rains, so I quickly opened the shades and?

We spent an awesome 20 minutes watching the storm.

It was almost perfect. The conversation, the giggles, the snuggles from the girl every time it thundered – was so great.

When the lightening and thunder got a little too loud & bright, the boy would turn to me for an approving smile.

It was almost picturesque. The tradition passes on. The only problem?

Someone had a stinky diaper. I guess you can’t win them all right?