Such an epic title right? I bet you are just dying to read what awesome piece of knowledge I’m gonna drop on you with that title.

Well. Not much…as you may have guessed.

You see, right now my brain is a mish mosh of ideas. Hence me writing a post at 11:45 at night.

I have so many posts I wanna write, I have so many ideas about what next to do, with my book. I have so many places I wanna take my kids. So many things.

But I can’t do it all. Reason for me shutting down my other blog. Over there? I was on a schedule. I had to write something, and it had to be funny. Or at  least charming or cute.

Blech. I hate being cute. Its not fun. Anyhow, what was I saying?

Oh, so what I love about this blog … I don’t feel that pressure to perform. No anxiety. I can post when I want, write what I want & not care what people think.

I can be a fart in the wind.

I don’t know why…but I find this thought hysterical. Probably cause I said fart. Or that its midnight…or both.

But most probably the fart part.