if you follow me on twitter. And to be honest, I’m not sure if you should cause I dont tweet much, but hey – I welcome online stalkers.

Anyhow, you would have seen a tweet about me seeing a loon last night.

Okay, I didn’t see it last night. But I heard it.

Pacific Loon like one I saw

I saw it yesterday morning, in the pond/lake/body of water behind our house.

Just didn’t know it was a loon until I heard it last night.

How do I know how a loon sounds?

Glad you asked imaginary people who read my blog – cause I’m sure no one reads this. Or at least no one will read this today…cause according to my dashboard people read yesterday.

Anyways, I know cause of the hysterical movie – Bringing Up Baby. Not gonna say more than that cause – well, its too long of a story and well – no one is probably gonna read this. But I put a link cause…well…I can.

Anyways, the sound of a loon is beautiful and so sad. I love it. I find it comforting. And yes, I have only heard it over night and still I find it very comforting.

I called my mother this morning to tell her this exciting news. “we have a loon.” “a loon? What is that?” “its a type of bird. Its beautiful. It has red eyes. I think thats why its called a loon.” “You are so weird, this does not sound like you ___. You  are a city girl. Things like this should freak you out.” “No. Its not weird. Its beautiful. Usually its all black, but this one I saw was white. It makes this sound (imitates sound).” “Oh my goodness ___, thats so spooky! Seriously, how could you like it?”

Our conversation was cut short cause the boy was being evil and desperately needed a nap. But why should that freak me out?

By the way found out its called a loon cause it has trouble walking on land. I think the site was lying though. I mean, if I saw a bird with red eyes, I would call it a loon. Or a drunk. Or a demon. Most probably a demon, but not because of the way it walks.

Yeah the site was definitely lying.

But what my mom said got me thinking about mental illness. Only cause we were talking about loons…and I am one. But really it goes for everything that is unknown. People just totally fear the unknown. It could be a beautiful thing – but people push it away because it scares them.

How sad is that?

I’m gonna teach my kids differently.

Unless we are talking about bugs. Bugs? Those things are from the devil. And they are definitely not beautiful.