Ok this is my first entry to this blog. Hmmmm liking it more than blogspot right now…..we shall see. Well, I just have to say this today:

Theres a certain air about people when they’ve done something wrong. Haven’t you noticed? It’s like a deer caught in head lights almost….those wide eyes, the blank stare. Oh yea….you know they’ve just lied.

They swear nothing is wrong – but you know their lying. This guy I’ve known for years, always gives me this look when he lies. It’s rather sad that he is 22 and still feels like he has to lie to me.

It’s a curse really – to be able to tell when someone’s lying that is. It makesyou an untrusting person. That’s right people: I’m an untrusting person. Take it or leave it. There have been many times I want to trust someone (or have trusted someone); but then they lie – and I mean a big lie. That has happened to me one too many times.

I’m way too trusting. Some people just suck…

If you couldn’t tell…yeah- I’m having a bad day.