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Where Ive been….

  Facebook Instagram Twitter Goals… Starting weight: 315 Current weight: 245 Goal weight: 200 – I’m reaching for it but honestly I’ll be happy with anything below 230 Dietary plans: counting calories and low carb; not eating after dinner, working... Continue Reading →

Yoga anyone?

I'm starting a virtual yoga class next week. Just for 30 days and for those who have never attempted a Yoga practice. Just email me if you want in on it - I swear yoga'nna love it! Man that was... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year to me!

So i went to the endocrinologist and he said my levels were perfectly fine. I'm just in a plateau and I hafta get used to it. Grrr...thing that he said that pissed me off even more? That I might just... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas?

So a couple of days before Christmas, the husband and I went to Hersheys for our 10 year anniversary. We thought while there, we would get presents for the kids stockings. Enter in Hershey World (I think its called that).... Continue Reading →


Wow wowie wow wow! Total game changer here! Just listened to the coach call and you will never believe!!   Edited to add: Price correction: $199 for BOD all access PLUS shakeology. $99 for just the BOD all access. $69... Continue Reading →

Depression and Exercise

I am gonna post just one tip today, this is just a close subject to my heart. Please see you how God sees you.... Want to talk more? Let me know if you’re interested! Facebook Instagram Twitter Contact me! Goals…... Continue Reading →

Fit Tips of the week – Modified

I say modified because I was sick this week and totally didnt get to do more than one fit tip. But I will still share it with you because its very important. Meal planning - when eating clean or trying... Continue Reading →

Shakeology Day 52 – Immunity

So I found an interesting new development. Do you agree? Want to talk more? I have more information on how others were affected by Shakeology. Let me know if you're interested! Facebook Instagram Twitter Contact me!   Goals… Starting weight:... Continue Reading →

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!

Hydration. What is that? What is that about? Well, its not about drinking juice or gatorade - its about water! Did you know that your body uses water in all of its cells? All your organs and tissues rely on... Continue Reading →

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