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Therapy Session time

So. I love NF Real Music - but this is seriously therapy time. Long post (maybe) I talked about Exercise addiction and overworking out. well, I recently realized I have a problem. A couple of months ago I started getting... Continue Reading →

Food addiction

I don't think I've ever said on the blog: but I suffer from food addiction. I'm not seeking outside help - but I am working on it. I've had several people ask me what it is. Like I guess they... Continue Reading →

I’m tired

So, I've had more stomach issues. Man I am so tired of this. So I made an appt to see another GI Doctor. Hopefully this one will be better and actually listen to me. But in the meantime - I... Continue Reading →

Insanity Max 30 – The results!

Yay! I'm done. Not saying this wasn't an awesome workout - I just like completing a workout. Why? Cause beachbody has this cool thing where they send you a free gift for finishing a program I hurt myself doing 22... Continue Reading →

Exercise Addiction

Is it real? I mean can you really be addicted to exercise? Isn't that a good thing to be "addicted" to? No. This frustrates me - people mock this thinking its not a real addiction. But it is. No, I... Continue Reading →


Well, I finally had the appt with the GI doc and? It was a complete waste of time. First he came into the room all rude and quiet - I didn't take that into account because my thyroid doctor is... Continue Reading →

Been hard

Its been hard here. Stressful....having to do with health and all that. Will be back soon - but now? I hafta take care of me and my family.

Concentrating on weight…

Ok. So I've been trying to lose weight for 2 years now right? Well, I've been ┬áin a plateau since January. Actually technically since September - but I lost some weight since then. But I have been in a yo-yo... Continue Reading →

Non-Scale Victory for the WIN!!

So if you follow me on instagram or twitter - you know the past couple of days have been REALLY hard for me. Basically - anxiety and bipolar suck. Anyways, so today I was sufficiently beat....verging on falling into the... Continue Reading →

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