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Fit tips of the week!

Its that awesome time of week where you get to experience my vast knowledge of all things fitness-y. Ha! I even couldn't keep a straight face on that. But seriously, here are some of the tips I learned this week.... Continue Reading →

Shakeology Day 45

Well, when I did the video it was Day 44 but I totally forgot to share here! How dare I?! Listen to the video and please know I am 100% honest here. I am still in shock in fact.... Here... Continue Reading →

Fitness tips of the week!

Sorry I haven't posted tips in a while. There was this thing called a holiday that happened - don't know if you know. Anyways, here are the tips for the past two weeks. Muscle recovery. I know every person you... Continue Reading →

Heres something to chew on….

I'm not gonna cheapen this and lie to you. Im not gonna tell you that I don't love it when people talk about my weight loss. I do love it. Its great - but not for the reasons you may think.... Continue Reading →

I have exciting news!

Its a little early - but I just couldn't wait to share with you this awesome news.   Goals… Starting weight: 315 Current weight: 252 Goal weight: 200 – I’m reaching for it but honestly I’ll be happy with anything... Continue Reading →

Fit Tips of the Week

I do a fit tip of a day on my FB page and I think I'm gonna change that to a weekly thing, that I am of course gonna share here. Fit tip #1 Wear sensible sneakers when you work... Continue Reading →

Lets drop some knowledge on ya

I wrote a while ago about what is a BMR and TDEE figure. Or however you say that in english...but I thought I would freshen that up a bit with what I've learned since then. Lets start with defining: What... Continue Reading →

I am not your average beachbody coach

I get a lot of weird questions about coaching, heres what I got to say about that.     I'm a different beachbody coach. What makes me different? Well lots. fitjesstorres at Instagram Facebook Twitter   Goals… Starting weight:... Continue Reading →

Shakeology is it worth it?

so far....   Day 11 down. However many to go. Interested in Shakeology yourself? You can find it here. Wanna hear more of my thoughts on shakeology and other fitness products, follow me on my Facebook page! Goals… Starting weight: 315... Continue Reading →

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