The Fit Jess Torres

The saga continues…

sounds so dramatic right? The saga on the Jess Torres show. Ha. Anyways, so if you've been following you know that Shakeology started giving me the runs. So I stopped it (and being a beachbody coach) and started taking... Continue Reading →

How much should you workout?

Well, lets talk about this. How much should you workout? I've been asked several times how many times a week and how long I workout. Obviously, I answer - cause I aint that rude, but you really shouldn't be concentrating... Continue Reading →

Insanity Max 30 – my first 30 days

So, 30 days or so ago - I decided to push myself to my limits and try Insanity Max 30. My main reason to do this was cause - well I mean everyone has done Insanity (or so Ive been... Continue Reading →

Why I am no longer a beachbody coach

Nothing scandalous just the truth.... I am still a coach - just on my own terms. Helping people the way I think is best - not thinking I need to sell them on something I'm not sure of. Facebook Instagram... Continue Reading →

Catch up

So I was gonna start up the Whole 30 diet again.....then I got the virus thats been going around. See, when you don't take your thyroid meds? Your immunity gets dangerously low. Like really bad. So I got hit with... Continue Reading →

Final-Ish Shakeology review

I think I'm gonna keep taking it - it has helped my hair loss. But now I have doubts (ever since my kids got sick), did it really help my hair loss or was that the camera angle? Yeah. we... Continue Reading →

Social Media & stuff

Man. Being on social media is getting harder and harder everyday! I'm cutting back on my face booking cause the hate is unbelievable! Even in the weight loss groups that I mainly stay in. Its hard cause in order for... Continue Reading →

My Mashed Cauliflower recipe

I've got a couple of requests for my cauliflower I thought I would share this piece of awesomeness with ya. First....I buy my cauliflower from COSTCO already cut up, but you can buy a regular. Whatever floats your boat.... Continue Reading →

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